Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Isabel's Copy of "You're Sitting On My Eyelashes" by Whitney Darrow, Jr.

In 1943, Whitney Darrow, Jr., collected his New Yorker work of the prior decade in a collection called "You're Sitting On My Eyelashes." Isabel's copy, whatever her identity, has an original full-page sketch by the cartoonist. It is dated in November of the year of publication. His wife Middy gets in on the fun as well, inscribing the book underneath Darrow's printed drawing of a woman with "Love/ Middy Darrow, Jr." The book was just sold on eBay in November, a full eighty years after the drawing was made.

Additionally inscribed "Love/Middy Darrow, Jr."

"Mr. Jackson has contributed
most generously to Bundles for Britain."
* * *
". . . and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as
ye both shall live? . . . True or false?"

"As you know, Collins, this national-defense situation has left us a bit shorthanded. Can you ride a bicycle?"

"It's some radio survey, Ma'am. They                "Don't look now, but I think we're 
 want to know if you're happy."                            all set for the evening." 

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
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Whitney Darrow, Jr.
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Whitney Darrow, Jr.
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Note:  At this point, I've shown enough of these Whitney Darrow books to make it clear to anybody that I'd like to keep doing this. Help a blogger out by sending your scans and photos of original book sketches by Darrow.


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