Monday, August 8, 2022

My Entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #813

A child plays at Napoleon in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #813 from the issue of August 8, 2022. My caption is shown below. The drawing is by Felipe Galindo who also answers to Feggo.

"See? We got everything we needed without invading the breadbasket of Europe."

These captions had to beat a hasty retreat:

"That's enough invading for now."
"Let's go or we'll miss 1812."
"Thanks for helping Mommy plunder Europe."
"Thanks for helping Mommy plunder Trader Joe's."

August 15, 2022 Update:  The Finalists

August 22, 2022 Update:  I voted for the caption from Burlington.

September 3, 2022 Update:  The Winner


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