Thursday, August 18, 2022

Paul Peter Porges: The Race is On

An original cartoon by Paul Peter Porges is an artifact from those days, possibly in the 1950s, when suburban developments were brand new and the single income family was still the rule rather than the exception.
"City Bank--!! I'd like to stop payment on a check...!"
Paul Peter Porges
Original art

Credit cards, of course, were not yet in significant use, the Diners' Club card just being introduced in 1950. The woman of the household would traditionally do most of the shopping, relying on her husband to provide her with cash or, as depicted in this cartoon, a personal check. Gags of the time frequently portrayed this apportionment of money as a point of marital conflict. Now you might think a loving husband, particularly a frugal one, would want his wife to take advantage of the local sales. This cartoon depicts an unnecessarily mischievous, if not cruel, episode in the battle of the sexes. Yet we are expected to laugh...

Paul Peter Porges
AbeBooks listing accessed on or about May 4, 2022

Note:  A great many midcentury magazines are filled with sexist cartoons much like this one, most of them long forgotten cultural artifacts. When and where might the cartoon by Paul Peter Porges have been published? Perhaps someone reading this will be able to say.

Remember, it's Peter Paul Rubens, but Paul Peter Porges.


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