Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Latrine Duty: John's Copy of Chas Addams' Black Maria

These days, with the new animated Addams Family movie haunting theaters, it's easy to think of Charles Addams exclusively as the progenitor of his famously creepy family. His prodigious talents as a cartoonist also took him in a great many other directions, and not always to those refined subjects one might expect of a New Yorker cartoonist. Predictably, most original Addams drawings found in his cartoon collections and inscribed to friends and fans depict various members of the Addams Family, but a book personalized to one John currently offered on eBay shows instead a hapless military serviceman engaged in what might be considered latrine duty. This then is a rare Addams example of deadpan bedpan humor.

                              "Is it anyone we know?"

Charles Addams
eBay Listing Retrieved October 20, 2019

Charles Addams
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Note:  Stop me if you've heard this before. If you have access to a book like this one containing an original Charles Addams drawing like this one—or even not like this one—you are encouraged to scan or photograph it and send it along to Attempted Bloggery for possible inclusion in a future blog post.

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