Thursday, October 10, 2019

Charles's Copy of Insincerely Yours by Dana Fradon

Charles's copy of the late Dana Fradon's cartoon collection Insincerely Yours, 1978, is inscribed with the same words as Marjorie and Mastin's copy:  "I hope you enjoy/ my book!/Sincerely yours,/ Dana," although here he signs his first name only. Instead of the redrawn cartoon he created for Marjorie and Mastin, he provides Charles with a self-portrait. The book is offered by History for Sale for $162 with a Make-an-Offer option.

Dana Fradon
History for Sale Listing Retrieved October 9, 2019
Dana Fradon
History for Sale Item Description

  Original artwork by cartoonist Dana Fradon is eagerly sought here. Readers are encouraged to forward scans or photos of original Fradon art.

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