Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #40

Try not to stare at my entries in the Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #40. The drawing is by P. C. Vey.
"Relax. I'm low on batteries."
"My name is Rachel but people call me Ray."
"No worries. This thing hasn't worked all week."
"I lost two husbands to a software glitch."
"Why are men so intimidated by a powerful woman?"
"Go ahead, say I'm shrill."
"A penny for your thoughts, or should I just extract them?"
"I find it's a great conversation ender."

I could have entered these captions but didn't. Were they up to speed?
"I like you. Is there anyone here you'd like annihilated?"
"Actually, it dispenses mustard."
"Go ahead, make my ray."
"Watch out, buddy, the warranty is up."
"With great power comes a great electric bill."

September 18, 2019 Update:  The Winner
September 25, 2019 Update:  I see that Lawrence Wood, in his analysis of this contest, mentions my last two entries, a first.

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