Friday, September 6, 2019

Duane Keiser: Coffee, Sun and The New Yorker

Artist Duane Keiser (b. 1966) uses eBay as a marketplace in which to sell his paintings. It's a great idea and I wish this business model worked for more artists. Coffee, Sun and The New Yorker is an 8" x 6" painting sold on eBay in 2016. We see a coffee cup but no coffee, sunlight but not the sun, and reading glasses over an open magazine that we are told is the New Yorker. One can make out the black and white columns of the magazine unbroken by spot drawings or cartoons.

Duane Keiser
Coffee, Sun and The New Yorker

Duane Keiser
eBay Listing Ended January 22, 2016

Duane Keiser
eBay Item Description

Duane Keiser
eBay Bid History
Seven bidders, fourteen bids. The last bidder gets it.

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