Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975 Signed by Four New Yorker Artists

In previous posts I have identified eleven New Yorker artists who group-signed The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975. I have grouped these eleven cartoonists into three distinct quintets based on the three signed copies of this book I have previously posted on the blog. The first two groupings differ by only one cartoonist. The third grouping has five different cartoonists.

Alphabetical autograph groupings:
1.  Edward Frascino, Herbert Goldberg, William Hamilton, Warren Miller, Everett Opie2.  Edward Frascino, Herbert Goldberg, Warren Miller, Everett Opie, Al Ross3.  Charles Addams, Charles E. Martin, Frank Modell, James Stevenson, Barney Tobey

A new copy of the book, and by new I mean sold on eBay in 2013, is signed by only four cartoonists, but they are clearly a subset of the third group, missing James Stevenson. Perhaps he had to leave the signing early. As I've noted, this latter grouping is probably the most desirable signature set for most book collectors, as it includes the signature of Charles Addams. Once again, as in previous copies of the book, there are no little sketches or inscriptions, only unadorned signatures.

I have suggested in my previous posts on this book that eBay sellers might want to show photographs from this collection which include cartoons by the book's individual signers. For what it's worth, I'll suggest it again.

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975
New York:  Viking, 1975

Signatures of Frank Modell, Charles E. Martin, Barney Tobey, and Charles Addams

Cartoons by Gilbert Bundy, Whitney Darrow, Jr., and Syd Hoff

Perry Barlow, George Price, and Peter Arno

William Steig

Kenneth Mahood, William O'Brian, Donald Reilly, and Mort Gerberg

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975
eBay Listing Ended November 14, 2013

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975
eBay Item Description

The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975
eBay Bid History
Five bidders duke it out over seven days, yet the price doubles in the last seven seconds.

Note:  I am curious about any New Yorker collections that may have been group-signed prior to 1975. Surely there must have been something in the magazine's first fifty years signed by more than one cartoonist. Let me know what you know.

As always, I'm also looking for images of signed New Yorker collections which contain original drawings by New Yorker artists.


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