Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Audrena's Copy of Addams and Evil

In 1958, Charles Addams drew one of his many standing figures of Wednesday Addams in an inscribed copy of his 1947 cartoon collection Addams and Evil (New York:  Simon and Schuster). Here it's the thirteenth printing (!) of the book and the drawing is signed in New York and dated. The inscription is formulated a little unusually:  "To Audrena for Bob Guy." So whose book was this exactly? One wonders if this Bob Guy is the actor and writer who was later to be behind the TV series "Jeepers Creepers Theater" in 1962-1963. It seems plausible enough.

Happy Wednesday!

Charles Addams
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved September 30, 2018

Note:  The five larger photographs are from the AbeBooks listing, while the eight smaller photos are from the bookseller's own website, making a total again of thirteen photos of this thirteenth printing! I'm sure it's all just a happy coincidence.

That spaceship cartoon on the back of the dust cover is a famous one indeed. I wrote about it last year here.

Wednesday Addams had appeared in Addams Family New Yorker cartoons since 1938, but she didn't receive her name until "The Addams Family" television series in 1964. At the time this drawing was made, she was nameless.

Readers with books like this one with original Charles Addams drawings are encouraged to share them here on the blog.

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