Tuesday, October 9, 2018

An Edward Koren Holdup

Irwin T. "Toby" Holtzman was a Detroit real estate developer and book collector who passed away in 2010. A Baltimore bookseller currently offers his signed copy of cartoonist Edward Koren's "Well, There's Your Problem." Mr. Koren has included the most rudimentary of drawings showing a figure barely in outline holding up the book's dedication on a sign. Still it is a delight, a minimalist delight.

Edward Koren
Drawing inscribed "For Toby Holtzman"
in a copy of "Well, There's Your Problem." (1980)

Edward Koren
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved September 30, 2018


Note:  I found a short biographical piece on Toby Holtzman from Michigan State University, which now houses a non-Koren part of his library.

There are a great many books out there with original drawings by Edward Koren and a number of them have already made their way onto this blog. When will it be enough? Let's find out. Collectors with books embellished by Mr. Koren should send me scans or photographs of these until I say when.

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