Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Edward Koren: Ed Koren?

In a copy of his cartoon collection Do You Want to Talk About It? (1976), Edward Koren has added a drawing that comments directly and personally on the phenomenon of the celebrity cartoonist. Now who on earth wouldn't know better than to consider a cartoonist a celebrity?—Present company excepted, of course.

"Ed Koren?"

Edward Koren
Do You Want to Talk About It?

New York: Pantheon Books, 1976

Edward Koren
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved September 30, 2018

Note:  Books with original drawings by Edward Koren and by other New Yorker cartoonists, celebrity or not, are of enduring interest to me and to my readers. Cartoon fans in possession of such books with original drawings may send scans or photos of these drawings here to Attempted Bloggery for inclusion in future blog posts.

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