Sunday, May 20, 2018

MoCCA Fest 2018

This past April 7th I eagerly returned to Metropolitan West for MoCCA Fest 2018, the annual independent comics festival conceived by the defunct Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and now under the auspices of the Society of Illustrators. The Society does an absolutely outstanding job, frankly. I missed last year's festival and have not been able to forgive myself, so I made sure to attend this go-round and to allow myself some more time than I had two years ago when I last visited, albeit too briefly.

Naturally no comics convention anywhere is devoted to the kind of art I follow and strive to promote here on the blog, but that's not really a surprise, is it? Comics conventions, as I understand them, seem to be overrun with superheroes and celebrities as the entire industry gets subsumed by giant Hollywood studios. What I like about MoCCA Fest is that the creative artists, known and more commonly unknown, are front and center. The world of independent comics is likely to remain mostly off my personal radar, but I can enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that is everywhere at this festival even as I concentrate on the very specific art I am passionate about.

I researched my visit well this year and therefore knew in advance there would be plenty on tap to tempt me. I resolved to narrow my focus slightly and avoid those books with signed bookplates that are becoming more and more a staple in particular at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's table. There, when I encountered a volume by Seth calling out to me with a signed bookplate, I was ready to move on instantly despite my great admiration for the artist and anything he puts his hand to. Instead I would focus on getting books signed and personalized—preferably with small drawings—by the growing number of artists and authors whose work I devotedly follow.

Despite my strategic planning, I didn't really foresee the difficulty I'd have carrying around my haul. I therefore improvised and treated myself to a Society of Illustrators tote bag which I thought was pretty snazzy although it still wasn't big enough to carry everything I wanted. (For that I might need a rucksack.) Next year's organizational challenge for me will be to see whether I can find the tote in time for MoCCA Fest 2019.

JooHee Yoon
MoCCA Fest 2018

JooHee Yoon
MoCCA Fest 2018 program

Society of Illustrators tote bag, $12

Note:  Rest assured my trove of loot from MoCCA Fest 2018 will be presented here over the course of the coming week.

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