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Mischa Richter: Decision Revision?

Mischa Richter's newspaper panel cartoon Strictly Richter was syndicated by King Features from 1945-1963 and then by Valen Associates into 1964. An original panel from the final year with King Features is currently available on eBay, although the seller seems unsure of just what it may be. The cartoon is set in a court room. It depicts a juror with some premature—and likely grandiose—concerns about the ultimate outcome of the trial.

It would seem to make sense for a New Yorker cartoonist to work on a daily newspaper panel strip, as it provides a ready outlet for those many cartoon ideas invariably rejected by the magazine. Besides Richter, William Hamilton had a daily panel strip for a while, and Harry Bliss does one today.

"I hope after we go through all this, the Supreme Court doesn't upset our decision."
Mischa Richter
Strictly Richter, February 5, 1963
King Features Syndicate

Mischa Richter's signature

Mischa Richter's signature

King Features Syndicate, Inc., 1963 copyright sticker

Mischa Richter
eBay Listing Retrieved May 5, 2018

Mischa Richter
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May 14, 2018 Update:  The Buy It Now price has been reduced.

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