Thursday, May 24, 2018

MoCCA Fest 2018: R. Sikoryak's The Unquotable Trump

Chameleon cartoonist R. Sikoryak has appropriated the styles of many famous comic strips in his inventive Masterpiece Comics. His new oversized book features a prodigious array of satirical comic book covers, channeling first the Incredible Hulk from Marvel and moving on to a breathtaking variety of other comic book styles. He uses these covers throughout to illustrate the words of the most "unquotable" President in history. You must have already guessed whom that might be.

R. Sikoryak
The Unquotable Trump
Drawn & Quarterly, 2017
Personalized by R. Sikoryak

Note:  This week's posts are devoted to the (comic) books and art I obtained at MoCCA Fest 2018.

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