Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mischa Richter's Capitalist Pigs

Does it make sense that cartoonist Mischa Richter, whose family fled the Russian Revolution for the United States, would work as art editor for the New Masses, a leading American Marxist magazine? Was this his true political conviction during the Great Depression, or was it just a good career opportunity? On the basis of a cartoon showing top-hatted capitalist pigs wallowing in the muck of Wall Street, the young Richter would seem to be sincere in his leftism. The gag, with pigs lamenting immutable human nature, is not a great one, but it works well enough in the context of American Communist commentary. The original artwork has been poorly treated, apparently trimmed into the art, the signature, and the caption—still one can hope the full sheet remains intact and just wouldn't fit into a scanner.

"[As I] often say[,] B.K., you can't change human nature."
Published as "I've always said you can't change human nature."
Mischa Richter
Original art
New Masses, May 9, 1939, page 19

"I've always said you can't change human nature."
Mischa Richter
New Masses, May 9, 1939, page 19

Mischa Richter
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Mischa Richter
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Mischa Richter
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