Friday, May 25, 2018

MoCCA Fest 2018: Draw Stronger by Kriota Willberg

Draw Stronger by Kriota Willberg is a book of practical ergonomics for the cartoonist. Naturally, I picked up a copy at MoCCA Fest and had it personalized by the author. The result can only be called...disarming.

Kriota Willberg
Draw Stronger:  Self-Care for Cartoonists & Visual Artists
Minneapolis:  Uncivilized Books, 2018

Personalized by Kriota Willberg

Note:  This week's blog posts are devoted to the medical (and other) books I acquired at MoCCA Fest 2018. Kriota Willberg is new to Attempted Bloggery, poor thing. Ms. Willberg has a dual interest in cartooning and medicine, a combination that works for her but that I personally would never condone.

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