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Syd Hoff in College Humor, March 1939

Syd Hoff's three gag cartoons in the March 1939 issue of College Humor have one thing in common: strong-willed characters. In the first, our heroine gamely refuses to deviate from her long-held code of conduct, even at gunpoint. Don't attempt this behavior in the field.

"I'm sorry. I never talk to strangers."
Syd Hoff
College Humor, Vol. 9, No. 3, March 1939, page 25

In the second, a pushy beggar demonstrates what Hoff might have termed chutzpah.
"My friend wants one also, but he's too proud to ask."
Syd Hoff
College Humor, Vol. 9, No. 3, March 1939, page 34

In the third and final cartoon, Louis the butler tries to fend off a very assertive suitor. The hallway may be curved, apparently, but Hoff has taken care to align the three heads nearly horizontally. Could this be accidental? Just take a look at the drawing above.
"The gentleman says it's important, Miss."
Syd Hoff
College Humor, Vol. 9, No. 3, March 1939, page 42

Note:  The March 1939 issue of College Humor from which these photos were taken is one of some 5,600 periodicals to be found in the one-of-a-kind Steven Boss humor magazine collection at Columbia University. The full collection can be accessed by the general public in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library within the Butler Library. Contact Curator for Comics and Cartoons Karen Green for details. Don't be too proud to ask.

Attempted Bloggery is eager to receive readers' scans or photos of all manner of original art by Syd Hoff as well as rare published cartoons, illustrations, and other assorted features.

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