Sunday, February 18, 2018

E. Simms Campbell: Surprise!

Lucky for us, it seems as if every time a young woman pops out of a cake, there's a cartoonist on hand to record the proceedings. E. Simms Campbell's cartoon from the April 1961 issue of Playboy pokes fun at the one club member who has good reason to be upset. The men's faces say it all here with their appreciative ogling. Even the men in the foreground whose faces are hidden from us are shown to be giving the performance their rapt and expert attention. The woman's face, on the other hand, is not seen; her personality is not discernible but her improbable proportions are. All we are meant to know about her is that she is giving the men, save one—and presumably the magazine's readers—what they want. 

E. Simms Campbell
"My wife!"

Original art
Playboy, April 1961, page 139

E. Simms Campbell
Christie's Sale 2367, The Year of the Rabbit:  The Playboy Collection, Lot 28

New York, December 8, 2010

Note:  Surprise! Attempted Bloggery is looking at the work of cartoonist E. Simms Campbell (1906-1971). I seek reader scans or photographs of original Campbell art or rare published works not already available on the internet.

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