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Syd Hoff in College Humor July 1942

In the July 1942 issue of College Humor, cartoonist Syd Hoff published the single-page feature I Married an Angel. You see, "Jeanette is a steno in a Budapest bank, but no one—including her boss—ever looks at her!" Budapest? Seriously?

I Married an Angel
Syd Hoff
College Humor,
 Vol. 14, No. 2, July 1942, page 26

Note:  The July 1942 number of College Humor seen here is one of more than 5,600 magazines held in the Steven Boss humor magazine collection at Columbia University. The full collection is housed in many boxes in the Butler Library's Rare Book and Manuscript Library and is accessible by the general public during banker's hours. Contact Curator for Comics and Cartoons Karen Green to get all the heavenly details. 

Attempted Bloggery is eager to receive scans or photographs of original art by Syd Hoff as well as obscure published cartoons, illustrations, and other assorted features.

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