Monday, February 12, 2018

Peynet Sketch of The Lovers

Raymond Peynet's cartoons of the lovers have achieved worldwide fame. A charming blue ballpoint pen sketch of the lovers done on the back of a postcard and inscribed to Gérard Lema has been available on eBay for at least ten months. The photograph on the postcard shows the bandstand in Valence where Peynet was first inspired to draw his famous characters back in 1942 and which is now named for them.

Le Kiosque des Amoureux de Peynet, Valence, Drôme
Postcard photo by La Cigogne
Raymond Peynet
eBay Listing Retrieved April 2, 2017

Raymond Peynet
eBay Item Description

It is still listed on eBay, although with currency fluctuations it is at a higher price in US dollars:

Note:  This is the first appearance of Raymond Peynet on the blog, but it needn't be the last. Attempted Bloggery requests reader scans or photos of other original art by Peynet.

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