Sunday, February 11, 2018

Richard Decker in Echo Valley

Richard Decker set a 1930s Life magazine cartoon in the Swiss Alps if we are to trust the landscape and the feathered hat. Yet a sign in English reading Echo Valley seems to be playing fast and loose with the location for the sake of setting up the gag. You see, Decker's Alpine climber is planning to shout or yodel her way to true love, and she has chosen the perfect spot to do it.
Richard Decker
"Yoo hoo! I love you—."
Original art
Life, circa 1933-1934

Courtesy the Jerome Wrinkle Collection

Verso with Life magazine markings
Courtesy the Jerome Wrinkle Collection

Note:  My thanks to Jerome Wrinkle for providing scans of the original cartoon art from his collection. We would love to hear from anyone who is able to pinpoint the publication date in the old Life.

Attempted Bloggery seeks scans or photographs of other original artwork by Richard Decker.

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