Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #435

Here is my entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #435 for July 21, 2014. The drawing is by Michael Crawford.
"So much for the free valet parking."

Here are a few other captions I did not submit:
"Under the circumstances, you've done a remarkable job parking."
"Whoops! Time to feed the meter."
"Say, there's a nail in your tire."
"The neighborhood just isn't what it used to be."

July 28, 2014 Update: The Finalists

August 18, 2014: Winning Caption

Note: Last week's caption contest juxtaposed characters from Moby-Dick and The Wizard of Oz. I had neither sails nor broomstick with which to navigate. Now that's a horse of a different color! See the unwizardly results of Contest #434 and call me Ishmael.

Michael Crawford was in attendance at the Best of the Rejection Collection Event. The cartoonist did not sing the lead role in Phantom of the Opera.


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