Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bernard Wiseman: Not Noticing

Here's a question for my readers. Put on your thinking caps.

An eBay seller has seven original drawings to sell by New Yorker cartoonist Bernard Wiseman. He does not know the publication dates for any of these. Four of the cartoons have New Yorker stamps and other publication markings on the back. Three do not. How many drawings are listed as original New Yorker art?

The correct answer, of course, is seven. Here's the first of the drawings lacking any New Yorker stamps or markings. The title of the auction listing suggests it is from the New Yorker, although the item description does not state this explicitly. I am unable to locate it among the artist's work for the New Yorker.

I have one further question and the answer may not be knowable. What is the reason the seller has suggested this is a New Yorker cartoon? Is it an honest mistake made by someone who is not too knowledgable about the magazine's arcane markings? Or is something more sinister at work involving a possible attempt to deceive? Okay, that was actually three more questions.

Bernard Wiseman, "I didn't notice you last night..."

Bernard Wiseman, "I didn't notice you last night..."

Detail of panther

Detail of leopard


Bernard Wiseman's signature


Note:  This is my sixth blog entry on Bernard Wiseman. Two more to go.


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