Monday, July 14, 2014

Bernard Wiseman's Gentle Insult

Bernard Wiseman's original 1958 artwork for a New Yorker cartoon was sold last year on eBay. The seller was aware of the caption--it was nevertheless misspelled--and of the magazine, although not the date of publication . The auction price of $52.78 was a bit disappointing, but perhaps not surprising. Wiseman might be remembered today more for his children's books than for his gag cartoons, and some of his 1950's era cartoons haven't aged so well. Still, if you like the cartoon, it's a good deal.

Bernard Wiseman, "My father's gentler than thine!"
Original artwork,
The New Yorker, January 11, 1958, page 31


Bernard Wiseman's signature

The cover-up

Bernard Wiseman, "My father's gentler than thine!"
The New Yorker,
 January 11, 1958, page 31

Bernard Wiseman, "My father's gentler than thine!"
The New Yorker,
January 11, 1958, page 31

Note:  I'm halfway through a projected week or so of blog posts about Bernard Wiseman. Now who else can say that?

Would you like to see more original New Yorker cartoon art? Well, look no further.

Maybe you have extra time on your hands owing to the All-Star break. What better way is there to prepare for tonight's Home Run Derby than to review Attempted Bloggery's splendid archive of baseball posts? Many a slugger declares it's better than batting practice!


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