Thursday, July 31, 2014

Edward Gorey's "Dracula" Theater Posters

This lot from Swann Galleries consists of a book and several posters related to Edward Gorey's "Dracula" (1977). I was lucky enough to see Frank Langella in this atmospheric production which ran on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre in the late 1970's. Note how in the theater posters the sky's dark negative space forms the silhouette of a vampire bat with the macabre full moon serving as the deathly face.

Edward Gorey, A Toy Theatre:  "Dracula," 1979

Edward Gorey, "Dracula" poster, Shaftesbury Theatre, 1979

Edward Gorey, "Dracula" poster, Martin Beck Theatre, 1977

Edward Gorey, "Dracula" poster, Curran Theatre, 1978

"I Love New York" TV commercial excerpt
Frank Langella

"I Love New York" TV  Commercial
Broadway (2 of 5)

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There is also quite a bit here about Broadway.


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