Friday, July 18, 2014

Bernard Wiseman's Calendar Watch

This original gag cartoon by Bernard Wiseman shows that political speeches weren't any more interesting half a century ago than they are today. This artwork was almost certainly published and, regardless of the eBay listing's title, almost certainly not published in the New Yorker.

Bernard Wiseman, Gag cartoon

Bernard Wiseman, Gag cartoon



Bernard Wiseman's signature

Bernard Wiseman's address stamp

The top left corner of the sheet


Note:  Well, that will do it for now. Here's the tally of original artwork by Bernard Wiseman on this blog: there are four examples of original artwork for the New Yorker, three drawings which could have been published anywhere, and one created for a men's magazine. There must be dozens, even hundreds, of original cartoons by him out there somewhere. This is the place for anyone who knows their whereabouts to share them.

Furthermore, if you know where this calendar watch drawing was published, or indeed where any of the mystery drawings were published, pipe up and say something please. We need answers.


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