Monday, July 28, 2014

Edward Gorey's Cape Cod Theater Posters

Edward Gorey, who maintained a house in Yarmouth Port on the Cape, created this poster for the Atlantic Theatre Company's second season in Barnstable. Note the triangular arrangement of the three figures.

Edward Gorey, Atlantic Theatre Company poster, signed and numbered edition no. 38/250, 1981
Other posters for the Atlantic Theatre Company from the same sale at Swann Galleries most likely are from the same 1981 summer season.
Edward Gorey,  Late Night Cabaret poster, The Atlantic Theatre Company, signed, 1981

Edward Gorey, Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" poster, The Atlantic Theatre Company, signed, c. 1981
Edward Gorey, Alexander Ostrowsky's "Diary of a Scoundrel" poster, The Atlantic Theatre Company, signed, c. 1981

The following posters were also included in the above lot at Swann Galleries but were made for the Provincetown Theatre Company, also on Cape Cod. They promote "entertainments" written by Mr. Gorey and date from the early 1990's:
Edward Gorey, "Useful Urns" poster, P.A.P.A./Provincetown Theatre Company, signed, 1990

Edward Gorey, "Flapping Ankles" poster, P.A.P.A./Provincetown Theatre Company, 1991

Edward Gorey, "Crazed Teacups" poster, P.A.P.A./Provincetown Theatre Company, 1992

August 1, 2014 Update:  For the 60th anniversary of the Cape Playhouse, Mr. Gorey created this elegant poster.
Edward Gorey, Cape Playhouse 60th Anniversary Season poster, signed and numbered edition no. 305/500, 1987

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