Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Extra Nizzard from Dr. Seuss

Earlier this month, Bonhams sold this copy of The King's Stilts (1939) with an original drawing by Dr. Seuss. The Nizzard in question is a troublesome bird which appears in the story. Flocks of Nizzards threaten to peck away at the Dike Trees that protect the island kingdom of Binn from inundation by the surrounding waters. This extra Nizzard, on the other hand, should be no trouble.

Dr. Seuss, Drawing of a Nizzard inscibed "EXTRA NIZZARD FOR WOODY [Woodward Dike] from Dr. Seuss" in The King's Stilts (New York: Random House, 1939).

Dr. Seuss, Drawing of a Nizzard inscibed "EXTRA NIZZARD FOR WOODY [Woodward Dike] from Dr. Seuss" in The King's Stilts (New York: Random House, 1939).
July 29, 2013 Update:  The drawing has been purchased by a Connecticut bookseller who duly removed it from the book and had it framed. It is offered for sale once again, this time on eBay. Whatever the cost of framing, the markup is likely still above 100%. A cursory examination of the Meier and Sons Rare Books website reveals it is their common practice to dismantle books in order to frame original drawings within them. I suspect this is not all that unusual in the industry.

EBay Listing

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  1. you should note the book was completely destroyed and held together by white sticky duct tape (not mentioned by Bonhams). It was most regretable as the book was actually the true first printing of that title (also not noted by Bonhams). But the book's boards were completely destroyed which is why it was dismantled

    1. Thank you, Lisa Meier. I see from Bonhams' description that the volume was indeed in poor condition.