Friday, May 24, 2013

Seuss Stationery

A number of hand-written letters by Dr. Seuss on his Cat in the Hat stationery can be found on eBay. The printed stationery allowed him to include an appealing picture of the Cat in the Hat with his correspondence. He could use the stationery to provide fans with autographs or souvenirs.

It seems he was quite willing to accommodate requests for signing books or other memorabilia.

Here Dr. Seuss added a heaping plateful of pancakes to his letter for Troop 106:
The above item is an example of the time-honored practice of buying something cheaply on eBay and reselling it at a higher price. Here's the earlier sale from April 3. With the shipping costs included, the markup is 144%.

May 26, 2013 Update:  The price has been reduced to $400.

A spiffy souvenir for a high school:
Again as an aside, the above item was just sold on eBay in early April and is now being turned around for a quick profit. The earlier listing showed the original envelope this was mailed in. Here you can see why the letters had to be folded in half.

For Lt. Duffy:

There are a series of letters from the good Doctor to one Julie Olfe, whom the seller identifies as a former employee.

July 14, 2013 Update:  A sheet of Seuss stationery inscribed "Hi, Trina" is being offered by eBay seller historydirect. In general, this is the most expensive and the least interesting of the examples available. But if your name happens to be Trina....

September 8, 2013 Update:  Here is another find on eBay. It seems to me that Ted Geisel has gone to the effort to alter his Cat in the Hat's characteristic printed smile to a frown.

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