Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nathan Hale's Mermaid Tales

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression is selling an original illustration from Nathan Hale's forthcoming book Hale's Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party (2013). I'm really not sure I want to know how the "Donner Dinner Party" relates to this illustration, but never mind. Bidding on eBay for this bookish mermaid ends Saturday morning.
Nathan Hale, Mermaid

Image added May 25, 2013

Here's a poster promoting the Hale's Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party from Mr. Hale's own website:
Nathan Hale, Poster for Hale's Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party, 2013

June 5, 2013 Update:  In the comments section, illustrator Nathan Hale himself notes that the lovely mermaid drawing is not from the Donner Dinner Party book. The eBay listing was simply incorrect. (I wish I had a dollar for every time that happened!) Things here are starting to make some sense now.

Note:  A silkscreen by Christoph Niemann from the same silent auction was shown here in yesterday's post.



  1. Haha. I didn't realize the copy said it was from my Donner Party book. It's definitely not. Thanks for posting the mermaid!

    1. Welcome, Nathan! I'm trying to recall whether the subject of any blog post has ever left a comment here before. You just might be the first!

      I added a short update to the post to reflect your information.

      Best of luck with the Donner Dinner Party book! So, dare I ask a question? Is Nathan Hale a pen name?