Thursday, May 9, 2013

George Booth: Bearing Secrets

The following unpublished drawing by George Booth was listed on eBay in March. The seller is right in calling it rare, but why is it rare? Most New Yorker cartoonists probably produce at least ten unsold gag ideas for every one they sell, possibly many more. I suspect these are rare not because they're uncommon, but because the market is too weak to absorb them in bulk. Most of these unsold cartoon concepts probably remain in the artist's possession; a few may be given as gifts. Yet when offered on the market one at a time, such unpublished drawings can sometimes command a decent price, as this one did here.

George Booth, "There is something you haven't told me."

George Booth, "There is something you haven't told me."
eBay  Winning Bid and Item Description, March 24, 2013


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