Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The CartoonStock Cartoon Caption Contest No. 171

It's time for some good clean fun with the CartoonStock Caption Contest #171. A musician takes the stage along with a washer and dryer. The rules of the monthly cash prize contest haven't changed of late: five dollars still buys up to three and only three entries. Real cash prizes are $500 for first place and $100 for each of five runners up. As of this writing, I've put $80 into the first sixteen pay-to-play contests and this seventeenth one brings my cash outlay up to $85. But I've won $200 in previous contests, so I'm still doing very well. In fact, so few contestants enter that the odds are actually quite good. "May the odds be ever in your favor" applies here as well as in The Hunger Games, maybe more so here. My three entries are shown below, above the break. The cartoonist is Ivan Ehlers.

"Is anyone else here picking up good vibrations?"
"I put the band together when I was working for Maytag."
"Who's ready to shake, rattle and roll?"
* * *
"It's laundry day, so now I've got to bare more than my soul."


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