Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Seth: Wimbledon Green Signed in 2005 with a Sketch

Canadian cartoonist Seth's Wimbledon Green saw publication in 2005. A copy of the book signed in that year of publication also contains a small original portrait of "the greatest comic book collector in the world." It just recently changed hands on eBay. This book's Autographed sticker suggests that Seth signed a stack of these and left them, drawing and all, with the bookstore for later sale. It's a nice copy, though not quite as special as many of those embellished by Seth for fans who attended signings in person.

eBay listing ended September 8, 2021

eBay item description

Best offer of C $39.99 ($26.89) accepted

Note:  This is only the second copy of Seth's Wimbledon Green to appear here on the blog, and both quite understandably include sketches of the title character. I'm curious, though, whether other copies may contain sketches perhaps of other, scarcer characters. Give a shout, please, if you know of any.


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