Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Seth: The G. N. B. Double C Signed in 2011 with a Sketch of Canada Jack

Canada Jack appears in The G. N. B. Double C (2011) as a key nationalistic character in Seth's fanciful alternate history of Canadian comics. Seth drew an original sketch of him in a copy of the book which has currently found its way to eBay, the only such drawing of this figure I have seen to date. 

eBay item description

Note:  My guess is that Seth made sketches of each of the six cover characters in various personalized copies of this book. This blog now boasts photographs of two such copies of the book, one with a sketch of Jock-o and this one with a drawing of Canada Jack. At least one other copy with an original sketch of Madame Trembley, she with the raised rolling pin, is readily viewable on the Comic Art Fans site here. Of course, I'm very open to posting other unique copies of this book on the blog. Come on, Seth collectors, you must know how to help me out.


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