Thursday, September 16, 2021

Seth: Clyde Fans Signed in 2019 with a Sketch of Abe Matchcard

More than two decades in the making, Clyde Fans (2019) is by far comic artist Seth's most ambitious work. An extremely nice copy of the slipcased book turned up on eBay with an original sketch of the character Abe Matchcard walking through clouds of silver cigar smoke. The eBay seller refers to this sketched-in copy as "remarqued," a potentially useful word for describing such unique books.

But is that really what it means? The term comes from printmaking. A remarque is a mark or sketch made in the margin of a plate that indicates the state of the print. In a limited-edition print, a ramarque may also be a small sketch in pencil made by the artist in the margin of the print. 

I don't know why sellers feel the need to post the same photo twice in one eBay listing, but the practice is widespread.

Seth draws in this copy of Clyde Fans at the Texas Book Festival in 2019. Chris Ware sits next to him.

eBay listing ended September 5, 2021

eBay item description

eBay bid history
One last minute bid

Note:  Pablo Portillo has posted a similar 2019 sketch of a standing (rather than walking) Abraham Matchcard surrounded by clouds of cigar smoke from a copy of the Spanish edition of Ventiladores Clyde signed in Bilbao. See it on the Comic Art Fans site here. Other interesting copies are no doubt out there, and there would be far more if the pandemic hadn't shut down comics conventions near and far. Readers fortunate enough to have interesting copies of Seth's magnum opus are encouraged to send photos or scans for use on this blog.


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