Thursday, September 30, 2021

Richard Taylor: Surrealistic Curves

Cartoonist Richard Taylor (1902-1970) frequently visited the subject of the female nude in art. An original illustration on that topic was sold on eBay in August and seems to be commenting on Surrealism itself.

Clearly, a painter is seen transforming a reclining female figure into an abstraction on canvas, but why is the model floating in the air in the first place? Why are there surrealistic elements like the geometric hedges and the one-legged chair? What of the incongruous objects: the watering can and, on the chair, the carrot and the fork? And is that an onion? The original subject of this illustration may have been creating art in a surreal world, or perhaps painting one's dreams. 

Richard Taylor's signature

There are no publisher's markings on the back.

Richard Taylor
eBay listing ended August 18, 2021

Richard Taylor
eBay item description

Richard Taylor
eBay bid history
The winning bid is placed early, followed by six failed bids.

Note:  Was this Richard Taylor illustration ever published and, if so, where and when? If you know, do tell.


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