Friday, September 3, 2021

Cape Cod 2021: Welcome to Chatham

I took these photographs during my travels in Cape Cod during the summer of 2021. With international tourism still somewhat problematic, people had returned to the Cape in great numbers. Parking spaces were noticeably more difficult to find. The summer began with seeming great promise as COVID-19 vaccines decreased the number of individuals susceptible to the virus. It became increasingly apparent, though, that cases of the Delta variant were surging globally, and even locally. Despite this, the wearing of masks indoors remained minimal. None of this, though, will be apparent from these photos. More to follow.

The Sagamore Bridge Over the Cape Cod Canal

Welcome to Chatham

Artist:  Swanson Studios

Artist:  Pati DuVall

Artist:  Emma Hardy

Artist:  Susanne Taylor

Artist:  Jennessa Durrani

Taking aviation literally

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Gatsby's car

Shark sighting

"In memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice"

1941 monument to Dr. Samuel Lord

"Here lies buried
Dr. Samuel Lord
who died of smallpox
after devoted service
to the citizens of
Chatham in the
epidemic of 1765-66"


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