Sunday, March 31, 2019

Claude Smith: Are You an April Fool Victim?

A 1942 magazine advertisement illustrated by cartoonist Claude Smith cautions against being an April Fool victim every day of the year. Sponsored by America's Independent Electric Light and Power Companies (names available "on request from this magazine"), it warns that federal subsidies of electrical power are being paid for by you the consumer. That's like being tricked by an exploding cigar every day of the year. Gosh!

Note:  Readers who know when in 1942 and more to the point where this ad was published should come forward and divulge their information. Maybe then we can finally find out from the magazine just what utilities make up America's Independent Electric Light and Power Companies.

Advertising art by Claude Smith, who signs his name Claude, is fairly uncommon in my experience. Advertisers often prefer the big names. Still, I often conjecture, if there's one such ad there certainly could be many. Connoisseurs of humorous advertising and other paper hoarders are asked to send scans of vintage Claude ads for inclusion in future blog posts. Original Claude art and obscure published cartoons would be welcome here as well. Please do not send exploding cigars through the mail.

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