Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ronald Searle: How to Be Topp with a Sketch of Molesworth Reading

Molesworth reading? A copy of the American edition of How to be Topp (1954), a book by Geoffrey Willans with illustrations by Ronald Searle, has been graced by Searle with a drawing of the one and only Nigel Molesworth reading, it would seem, the newspaper. The drawing is undated, but the signature seems roughly to correspond to the era of publication as any fule kno.

Ronald Searle
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved August 17, 2014

Note:  Harry Potter fans may not be aware of the connections between the series by J. K. Rowling and the Molesworth books. For that matter, Rowling herself may be in denial. But you and I can learn about the Nigelian origin of the name Hogwarts and other influences on Rowling here.

Ronald Searle added sketches to countless books, yet only a few have made their way onto the internet. You can help preserve them for posterity by submitting scans or photos to this blog.

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