Friday, March 29, 2019

James Thurber: Clover Scarf

A silk scarf featuring the dogs of James Thurber in various poses and attitudes was sold on eBay in December of 2018. For discussion purposes we can refer to this design as the Clover scarf for its distinctive three-leaf clovers positioned along the borders and scattered across the material, but in all other respects it is nothing less than a celebration of Thurber's dogs. The scarf is printed in white on a black background, but most likely it comes in other color combinations too. A number of Thurber's delightful drawings seem to have been adapted for use on this scarf. The result is quite handsome. Last year the eBay opening bid for this item was a healthy $100, and that's precisely what it sold for.

James Thurber
eBay Listing Ended December 14, 2018

James Thurber
eBay Item Description

James Thurber
eBay Bid History
One bid does the trick.

Note:  This scarf design appears to be from the same house behind the vintage James Thurber scarf that appeared in yesterday's post. As before, I'm eager to hear from anyone with information about it. Are its origins with the Thurber House in Columbus? Is the designer known to anyone? When was it manufactured? What was the original price? In what various color combinations did it come? How many distinct Thurber scarves were in the series? To round out our knowledge of these items, relevant photographs of other Thurber scarves would be greatly appreciated.

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