Friday, March 22, 2019

Mort Gerberg Cartoons: A New Yorker's Perspective

Last week I stopped by the New-York Historical Society to see the exhibition "Mort Gerberg Cartoons: A New Yorker's Perspective." The retrospective fills the second floor hallway gallery. All the drawings are originals. The material is also presented in the brand new book Mort Gerberg on the Scene (Fantagraphics Underground, 2019), but seeing the originals in person is a different experience and provides a more complete understanding of the artist's achievement. A few photographs should give an idea of what lies in store. 

"What, are you crazy? We've got tickets to 'The Producers' for tomorrow night!"
Sketch for Playboy, 2002
Collection Judith Gerberg

The artist's impressive output includes reportage for men's magazines. Here he conducts research in a Greek nightclub:
Seven Nights on the Belly Dance Scene, 1965

He was on the scene at the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago for Cavalier:
Chicago Democratic National Convention, August 1968

Gerberg has fallen under the spell of the great masters:  Michelangelo, da Vinci, Rousseau, Addams.
"Imbecile! I said 'fresh coat'—not 'Frescoes'!"
The Saturday Evening Post,
January 1964

Mona Lisa, 1966
The New Yorker

Sleeping Gypsy
After Henri Rousseau
The New Yorker, February 2004
Collection of Lilia Gerberg

Ski Slope
After Charles Addams
The New Yorker, February 19, 2001
Collection of Lilia Gerberg

One more for the road:
The New Yorker,
October 26, 1998
Collection of Lilia Gerberg

Note:  "Mort Gerberg Cartoons: A New Yorker's Perspective" remains on view at the New-York Historical Society through May 5, 2019. Catch it!

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