Thursday, March 28, 2019

James Thurber: Lawn Scarf

The design of a scarf featuring various charming figures by James Thurber—men, women, dogs...and rabbits—takes drawings apparently created for other purposes and arranges them in a plain geometric pattern. They are unified on a stylized lawn with a simple border of grass and flowers, additional flowers being spread across the field of the scarf. The date and the designer are unclear. The scarf is printed in black on chartreuse but there is another version in black on white, and it very likely exists in other colors as well.

James Thurber
eBay Listing as Archived on Worthpoint
Retrieved February 17, 2019
Detail of scarf in the black on white version

  I'm eager to hear from anyone with information about this scarf design containing images by James Thurber. Are its origins with the Thurber House? Is it by a known designer? When was it released? What did it originally cost? Worthpoint subscribers: when was it sold on eBay and for how much? Just how many color combinations are there? Is it part of a larger series? More photographs would be welcome. 

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