Saturday, February 2, 2019

Unauthorized Portraits Signed by Edward Sorel

The cover of Edward Sorel's Unauthorized Portraits (1997) is an illustration he originally created for the January-February 1993 cover of Print magazine. Some of the artist's more prominent subjects try their hand at caricaturing him. They're not too bad, really.
Edward Sorel
Unauthorized Portraits (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1997)
Left to right:  Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Lyndon B. Johnson, Edward Sorel, Richard M. Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Cardinal Spellman, Gerald Ford

Sorel creates outstanding work in his studio, but has he made any sketches at book signings? This blog has yet to discover any.
Signed by Edward Sorel
At left, Sorel's New Yorker cover art of January 31, 1994

Note:  The fact that I haven't found any books signed by Edward Sorel with original sketches in them doesn't mean they don't exist, but if they do they're probably quite rare. Anyone who comes across a souvenir book drawing by Sorel should drop everything and photograph it for this blog.

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