Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ronald Searle: Lucifer Reading

An autograph drawing and letter in French dated 19 October 1970, bears the printed address of Monica and Ronald Searle's Paris apartment at 4 Rue Antoine-Dubois. Searle, who could draw as well in French as in English (I can't vouch for the writing), has given his lucky recipient a compellingly grotesque image of the devil immersed in a book. Personally, I love the tension of the chair tilting off to the right as Lucifer leans to the left, his cloven hooves contrasted with the claw feet of the chair.

Note:  I downloaded this image years ago, pre-blog, most likely from a site where the original note was offered for sale. I am happy now to restore it to the internet even though I have no information at all about it. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who does know a little something about the letter, or who can make the French out well enough to render it in reasonable English.

Other inspired scribblings of Ronald Searle, particularly those new to the 'net, are always welcome here.

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  1. Hell! We can't be here for the devil's coming, but anyway, "Ave Elisabeth!"
    Thank you for having thought of us,
    Kind regards and congratulations,
    Monica and Ronald Searle