Friday, February 15, 2019

Anatol Kovarsky: Tuning In

There was a lot to see on TV even in the early days. New Yorker cartoonist Anatol Kovarsky's scarf design for Richard Farrar, circa the mid-1950s, turns the dynamic new medium with its myriad viewing choices into a smart fashion statement. It is believed that this design was issued in several color combinations. One other example of this scarf posted online, as it happens, shows the exact same color scheme.
Anatol Kovarsky
Scarf design for Richard Farrar



The auction bid price was doubled to give the winning bidder two unrelated designer scarves. The other maker was Givenchy.
Givenchy scarf

Putting copyright symbols on signatures should be a no-no.
Givenchy signature label

Pleasant autumn colors

Richard Farrar and Givenchy Scarves
Rasmus Auctioneers
Cal Auctions Item Description
May 7, 2017, Lot 15048

Richard Farrar and Givenchy Scarves
Rasmus Auctioneers
Cal Auctions
Eleven bids bring the price up to $25 per scarf

Note:  A different scarf design by Anatol Kovarsky for Richard Farrar was featured on this blog last summer. See it here.

Some details of the same Kovarsky scarf design in even the same colors were posted more than a decade ago by Laura Coyle here.

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