Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hank Ketcham: Lincoln's Birthday

How does one honor Abraham Lincoln on his birthday? In 1946, five years before he began the comic strip "Dennis the Menace," Hank Ketcham published a cartoon in Collier's that offers at least a suggestion of how one should celebrate. The gag is cute in its way, but the caption just doesn't deliver the Gettysburg address.
"This is nothing. You should see the fuss he makes over Washington's Birthday[.]"
Hank Ketcham
Collier's, February 12, 1946, page 35

Scan by Dick Buchanan

Note:  My thanks go once again to Dick Buchanan for contributing the scan of Honest Abe for today's post. This is his forty-second contribution to the blog, but who's counting? Dick maintains the renowned Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip Files from which he also contributes regularly to Mike Lynch Cartoons, most recently a post entitled "From the Dick Buchanan Files: More Vintage Gag Cartoons 1947 - 1962." Go take a look. Trust me.


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