Saturday, September 30, 2017

Orson B. Lowell on the Football Field

An original oil on canvas by Orson B. Lowell served as a cover illustration for The Elks magazine in October of 1933 and might have been published earlier in Judge or Leslie's. The subject is a football tackle. This tackle is no longer legal because of the risk of neck injury. The sale price ten years ago was $10, 350.

Orson B. Lowell
Original art, The Elks, October 1933

Illustration House June 2, 2007 Auction

Another football illustration by Lowell is available on Etsy from ThisArtGallery for $7,000, which seems a fair price:

Orson Lowell's signature

Orson Lowell
Etsy Listing as of September 24, 2017

Orson Lowell Etsy Item Description

Note:  Does anyone have a copy of The Elks Magazine for October 1933? I'm fresh out, but I'd love to see the cover. I'd also love to hear from anyone who knows whether this illustration was also published in Judge or Leslie's. See, I don't ask for much.

Orson B. Lowell—the B. is for Byron, of course—is new to this blog but he isn't new to the Society of Illustrators. The exhibition Fashion and Satire: The Drawings off Orson Byron Lowell and Charles Dana Gibson is currently on view at the Society through October 28.

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