Thursday, September 7, 2017

Gregory d'Alessio: Classical Guitarist

In 1946, illustrator Gregory d'Alessio helped found the Society of the Classic Guitar. His drawing of a classical guitarist dates from that year and reflects one of the artist's passions. A veteran of magazine covers for the New Yorker and Collier's, d'Alessio was an accomplished illustrator, although he isn't very well-known today. The framed and matted drawing from the estate of painter and graphic designer Claus Hoie (1911-2007) was sold in 2010 for only $60 including the buyer's premium. For those who think original art by talented artists is unattainable, this piece is a good example of how affordable an original, heartfelt work can be.

iGavel Auctions
March 23, 2010

Note:  Attempted Bloggery is eager to publish scans or photographs of original art by Gregory d'Alessio and other New Yorker artists. Clippings of rare, published cartoons and illustrations from other publications are always eagerly welcome here.

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