Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Art Spiegelman's Puppy Love

A signed and inscribed copy of Open Me... I'm a Dog! (1997) by Art Spiegelman includes an adorable drawing of—what else?—a dog. Spiegelman no doubt would dismiss this as mere "Cuteness 4 Kids" but I'm an advocate of puppy love for all ages.

"For Stephen, my fellow toiler in the vineyards of Cuteness 4 Kids....
and for Aviva, who keeps Stephen's dog habit on a leash.
warmly (if somewhat incoherently)
Art Spiegelman"

Art Spiegelman. Open Me... I'm a Dog! (1997)

Note:  Thanks again go to Stephen Kroninger for sharing his gorgeous copy of a Spiegelman book.

Attempted Bloggery seeks scans or photographs of uniquely personalized books by Art Spiegelman and other New Yorker artists. You know what you've got...

By the way, your copy of the new The American Bystander #5 will have this blog's very first classified ad. The price was right.


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