Friday, September 8, 2017

Gregory d'Alessio for Collier's: The Family Gadabout

In 1950 America was enjoying a new postwar prosperity. At the boat show, there may still be a wealthy few shopping for yachts, but the sales are now directed toward the many young families interested in the small, affordable powerboat here called the Family Gadabout. Collier's cover artist Gregory d'Alessio is documenting nothing less than the rise of America's middle class. The three older children were born during the war, but that girl in her mother's arms is part of a new postwar demographic phenomenon called the baby boom. Incidentally those international maritime signal flags across the top spell out a message for those in the know:  "Collier's for Action."
Gregory d'Alessio, Collier's, January 14, 1950

Note:  This concludes, for now, Attempted Bloggery's rather incomplete review of the work of cartoonist Gregory d'Alessio. Ink Spill documents his sparse work for the New Yorker appearing between 1934 and 1940. Attempted Bloggery continues to seek scans or photographs of original cartoon art by Mr. d'Alessio and other New Yorker artists. Scans of cartoons and illustrations from College Humor, Collier's, Esquire, and other publications would also be appreciated

Mr. d'Alessio's obituary in New York Times may be seen here.

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